Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dear Deer

I recently finished reading Sasha Steensen's chapbook, A History of The Human Family which you can purchase from Flying Guillotine Press here, or if you're in NYC/BK/Queens from Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop.

Although Steensen has out a couple of books with Fence, I did not know her work at all. I fell in love with this chapbook so will have to seek out her books. Here are some excerpts that I liked:

Anyone here know
what animation
what anima
what clod
what erring
what worship
what warship
what book is this
what tender plant, root of the dry ground
what reeds & rushes
what lame man leaps as a hart
what avalanche
what footpath into astonishment

I must bear it


we lived on the brink of a gorge
that was flat all around

like moon landings

Munich skin of the book
skin of the deer

like many-yeared
like landward
like me now groping
like skin of the buck

a great depth of moss

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