Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, Here We Are

I'm excited to say there will be a new issue of Sink Review out later this month & it will feature all kinds of awesomness including poems by Kim Gek Lin Short who you can read an interview with over at Bookslut.

Today's entry on Montevidayo is a good read as well. Take a look at this excerpt:

My point with the entry was to show how this anxiety about translation comes out of an anxiety to maintain “mastery” – mastery over language (hierarchical, centripedal) and literature – for example Ron’s reductive model of “Quietism vs Post-Avant,” leading in a fiercely chronological “modernist” path from Pound to Objectivism to Ron himself.

Read the entire posting here.

There's a Dean Young reading this Thursday at 7pm in NYC. Details here.
(Thanks to Lily Ladewig for the low-down).

I'm reading in Philly on Saturday (Jan. 22nd) with two of my favorite poets: Sampson Starkweather & Paige Taggart. If you haven't read Sam's latest two chapbooks give yourself a gift that keeps giving & get them immediately. Paige has a new chapbook forthcoming, but to hold you over, just google her. Every poem I read of hers lately is completely stunning.

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