Thursday, December 16, 2010

Seriously, More Friday Madness

Julia Cohen used to live in Brooklyn. I used to see Julia around. She's as rad as rad(ness) comes. Julia has a new book & she's reading at my tied-for-first, favorite reading series (In theory, I have to rep for Stain of Poetry, right?) Yardmeter. Yardmeter tends to be on Saturdays. This special edition of Yardmeter is on Friday. I already booked my Friday so will miss radness one night stop in New York. Please go & make me jealous. Also read Ken L. Walker's profile on Yardmeter here.

Yardmeter 14 presents:
poetry readings by
Julia Cohen,
Lily Brown,
and Cynthia Arrieu-King,
film by Dana Matthews,
music by Mark Delpriora,
and artwork by Johnny Mattei.

Come for the last Yardmeter of 2010,
Friday, December 17th, 7 p.m.,
at Shelton Walsmith's studio.
A champagne punch will be provided.
Please bring your own beer or wine.

Okay, time for take two. Amy is awesome. You know how awesome refers to space as in like astronomy-- you know like star jazz & tuba tones emitted from moon pot-holes. In other words, Amy lives in Brooklyn. I see Amy around. I went to grad school with Amy. Amy's first book came out a long bit ago. Amy has new poems. Amy's new poems are damn damn good poems. Amy is also an excellent reader. Off the cuff, foul, funny, and a charm seducer. There is a reason why we call Lawless "Flawless." Amy is reading for SuperMachine. If you've read this blog before you know I likes me some SuperMachine.

Fri., Dec, 17, 8pm
Amy Lawless
Guy Pettit
Joseph Calavenna



1014 Fulton St between Grand & Classon
Thurston "Fucking" Moore? Really? Fa rills! Late night style so see J.C. OR A.L. then get to getting here!

Thurston Moore – Samara Lubelski – Bill Nace – Mary Lattimore quartet with readings by poets John Coletti – Stacy Szymaszek – Karen Weiser
December 17, 2010
10:00 pm

Thurston Moore + Bill Nace – guitars

Samara Lubelski – violin

Mary Lattimore – harp

The quartet will play an improvised piece composed on the heart.

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