Sunday, December 26, 2010

Glass Is Really A Black Ocean Of Liquid

I've been slowly reading Bruce Covey's new book which you can purchase here. Here's a poem I quite like:

Three Ring

It's all the same whether you or me's
The one who lifts it. Ten pounds
Of feathers or ten pounds of dimes--
The one who weighs the more
Will ring a bell of jelly beans.
Yup, a circus theme: The five ways
The stilt man walks, his balance the key
& answer to over 500 questions.
Or the wolf that claims to be
A bearded woman. Fear of being
Torn, howling at the camera's
Flash & brighter than the moon.
Or, shutter speed slow, a record-
Setting lifter, five small & full of aim,
Cigarette-smoking paper bag:
Redeem your tickets here! Skeeball
Or no, the capital of Tennessee's
Root beer is the national bird,
The state bush, the first one to appear
On the 41-cent postage stamp.
Here's a great deal to end the year!
Dear Black Oceanographers,

In honor of all you stranded in various parts of the country due to the blizzards (or anticipated blizzards) sweeping across the Eastern half, I'd like to offer a free copy of PIGAFETTA IS MY WIFE with EVERY purchase made between 11:59a on 12/26 and 11:59p on 12/27 (EST).

Why PIGAFETTA IS MY WIFE? These poems fragment the journals of Antonio Pigafetta, a 16th Century traveler who recorded Magellan’s hellish circumnavigation of the globe, while tracking a present-day speaker and his beloved as they are distanced and reunited across the map.

Find it, and other titles in our catalog. Make your purchase within the alloted time-frame and we'll automatically include it with your order. And as always: SHIPPING IS FREE!

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