Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The first "review" of my chapbook, State(s) of Flux is up on Goodreads. The person gave it 3 stars, which I think is pretty good since I know the reviewer couldn't have possibly read it. The thing is I sold about 6 at the Cakeshop reading & happen to know that new books haven't shipped yet. It's possible that this person read a copy from one of the six purchases of the book but since her profile has her living far away from the USA, again this is unlikely. I believe the first chapbook of mine to leave the states will happen in December when I send my friend, Nicole (in Hong Kong) a bunch of stuff I've been collecting for her over the past year or so so three stars & not being read-Ha, I love it!

You know who Christie Ann Reynolds loves (or at least likes)? Sarah Gambito. Read about it here

I had the same grad class as Christie Ann (taught by Prageeta Sharma) & also fell smitten with Gambito's poems. Speaking of Ms. Reynolds, come out and see her this Saturday at the Bushwick Library:

Douglas Piccinnini
Alexis Sullivan
Martin Rock
Christie Ann Reynolds
Garrett Burrell

So get your thinking hats on – we’ll see you at the library on October 10th promptly at 3PM, cool cats.
Then get your evening on at Yardmeter:

Please join us for Yardmeter No. 4!

We'll be presenting paintings by Austin, Texas artist Raphael Umscheid,
poetry readings by Chris Martin and Claire Donato,
and music written for the occasion by the Ray Talley Dancers, all the way from Portland, Oregon.

October 10th, 2009, 6:30 p.m.
at Shelton Walsmith's studio
267 Douglass Street
in the Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY

Check out our blog for directions and more info about our readers and presenters:

The wine will flow freely! Please come!

Your host and co-curators,
Shelton Walsmith, Jon Pack, Farrah Field, and Jared White


Nicole Wong said...

three stars for just the pictures - the two other stars will come when she actually reads the book, ha ha

steven karl said...

I gave it 5 stars just based on the cover- I mean I haven't read the thing either-haha!