Monday, October 12, 2009

Collection of This & Thats

I have review of the Woodshed Collective's play which riffs off of Melville's The Confidence-Man here

Farrah Field has a review of it here

Sampson Starkweather has poems all this week here

& how about a new book by a new press?

Lightful Press is pleased to announce
the publication of our first book


by poet LIZ WALDNER!

Please join us in celebrating the publication of PLAY with a release party to be held at Melville House Books in Brooklyn on Wednesday, November 4th at 7 PM with our friends from Love Among the Ruins (LATR) Editions.

There will be a theatrical reading from PLAY and readings from LATR poets Heather Green and Ernest Hilbert. Books by the authors will be available for sale. Free drinks will be served. Melville House is located at 145 Plymouth Street in DUMBO, Brooklyn, near the York Street stop on the F train.

Hope to see you there!

The book, with letterpressed covers, is also available for purchase
on our website for $14.

Liz Waldner’s Play represents her most accessible, most openly romantic, most unabashedly Romantic, collection of poetry. Unlike the dark forebodings and anguish that have defined her work since Etym(bi)ology, A Point Is That Which Has No Part and Dark Would (the missing person), Play reads like a breakthrough into illumination and restfulness. —Tyrone Williams

Briefly forgetting the title, as I read, I heard Waldner’s sequential, wry, digressive work as theater, in which it seems two (or more) speak to each other—akin to Waiting for Godot. — Leslie Scalapino

In Play are two compelling voices deftly outlined by a lyricism that illuminates their intimate encounters with the actual. Whether lovers, ego/id, or disciple/avatar, these interlocutors assay what is at the heart of being human. —Rusty Morrison

PLAY is Waldner's eighth book. She has recent work in Poetry and The New Yorker.

Lightful Press
74 India St., B16
Brooklyn, NY 11222

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