Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks (music video in HD) Veckatimest out now


Cyra said...

Haven't heard this album yet but am loving Dept. of Eagles'(which I'm sure you know is 1 part Grizzly). Will you be going to any shows? Lemme know, maybe we can meet up. Been a while, sir SRK!

steven karl said...

Hey Hey, I've only heard a few songs from the new Grizzly Bear BUT I'm definitely in love with what I've heard. Surprised you didn't post the Dept. of Eagles video.

I don't have any definite upcoming plans for shows but Matt & Kim, Blonde Redhead, Crystal Stilts are all playing free shows this summer.

Are you still at F.I.T?

Farrah Field said...

I'm really loving Yellow House. I bet you would like it too.

Cyra said...

I actually hadn't seen it til u posted it...not much time for youtube or blogging these days...a bit drained.

Yeah still at FIT and will be for a bit longer. Just taking a wearable art (accessories) class this summer for fun and piling them classes up in the fall. Where r u teaching this summer?

Am planning on seeing Camera Obscura and Little Joy in a coupla weeks and the pains at south street. Those are the definites so far. There'll be more for sure.

Hope u enjoy beautiful out! Just came back from grocery shopping and walking the I'm waiting for dough to rise for my veggie steamed buns. :)

steven karl said...


Yes Yellow House is good!