Sunday, May 10, 2009

Basil King

Wow, this has felt like a long semester & since it's coming to a close, I've been spending my time grading papers & sleeping badly. Such as it is; such as it goes. So far I only have two classes for the summer so the hustle continues.

On Friday after teaching at College of Staten Island I headed over to Williamsburg to catch J.Mae Barizo's reading. Good stuff. Then I went to a going away party which also included readings by Amy Lawless & Alex Smith. Although I didn't stay out too late I still felt tired for all of Saturday. I managed to make it to the Whitney ISP, then have vegetable dumplings with friends, then head over to a belated bday party for Rich. After that I took the train over to Prospect Heights.

This morning I had a banana peanut-butter sandwich for the first time. I also had some mango. & a dark chocolate bar with mint and rosemary essence. I wandered through Chinatown & bought basil, brown beech mushrooms, garlic, an onion, & tomatoes. Tonight I'll make a pasta with cream sauce using the bought ingredients + a little bit of lemon rind. Or so I think. I actually don't feel like doing dishes. Or cooking. & then doing more dishes. Right now I'm eating salted plantain chips & trying to put off cooking until at least 9.


Molly Gaudry said...

Your dinner sounds lovely. Do the dishes. Enjoy the food. Do the other dishes tomorrow. That way, at least one of us will have eaten a proper meal today.

steven karl said...

Thanks for the motivation Molly!
& I think I've eaten one plantain chip too many. You know how when you're eating something and loving it & then the next bite it feels all wrong?

No decent dinner plans for you? Maybe a good night for take-out?

niina said...

My basil, grown from seed, seems unstoppable! (I almost typed "unstable" which in a way is also true.) Good to see you at the reading the other night, also.

steven karl said...

Sorry I missed the reading on Saturday. I didn't know that you were having opera. I like how y'all keep it fresh!