Monday, January 26, 2009

Book Ends

The new Octopus (#11)

New work by Julia Story, Kristin Naca, Cole Swensen, Michael Earl Craig, Andrew Rexilius, Emily Petitt, Dan Beachy-Quick, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Dobby Gibson, Tina Celona, Lara Glenum, Brandon Downing, Eric Baus, Rebecca Guyon, Cecily Iddings, Jon Woodward, Barbara Maloutas, Noah Eli Gordon, Bob Hicok, Rob MacDonald, Elise Ficarra, Natalie Knight, Matthew Cooperman, and Brooklyn Copeland.

Reviews by Brett Price, Cara Benson, Micah Mattix, Anna Eyre, Tyler Dorholt, Dan Hoy, me, Heather Green, Katie Trostel, James Engelhardt, and Chelsea Dappen.

There is an interview with Abraham Smith by Joshua Marie Wilkinson. There are recovery pieces taken up by Andy Fitch and Mathias Svalina.

Besides, having a review in Octopus, I'll also bookend the week by having a review in Coldfront on Friday.

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