Friday, January 23, 2009


List are fun to make in & of themselves to see if we agree or more importantly disagree. Black Ocean's blog has a list of best small press releases from last year. As some of you know, I made my own brief (aprx 5 titles) list for the No Tell Blog. I was pleased to see that one of my picks, Geoffrey Olsen's End Notebook also made the Black Ocean list. I just finished reading Sampson Starkweather's City of Moths which definitely belongs on the list as well. Click here for the Black Ocean blog.
Also, tomorrow is Sampson's birthday & Sunday is Geoffrey's so make their wishes come true by buying copies of their chapbooks, okay?

Speaking of chapbooks, Julia Cohen's new chapbook is out. You can purchase it here.

& head over here to check out a clip of Sueyuen Juliette Lee reading. I think her chapbook, Perfect Villagers (Octopus Books) came out in '08 & definitely should have made the list, but don't you worry, I chose her book as one of '08's bested.

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steven karl said...

Actually SJL's Perfect Villagers came out in '07, but her chapbook from Yo-Yo Labs, Mental Commitment Robots, came out in '08.