Friday, July 25, 2008

I've gotta get too drunk to dream because dreaming only makes me blue

I haven't really felt like blogging as in fa rils you know? But here's a brief run-down of life in 'lil Chinatown.

* Last week some dude tried to steal my bike- he got it out of the building, but made so much noise that my bat ears lit up & i flew down the stairs & out the door. I chased him (bare-footed, mind you) up Hester Street & I'm pretty fast even pre-coffee, he somehow snapped my bike chain, fell off the bike, got up/ ran away. I picked up my bike/went home/ scrubbed the hell outta my feet.

* Deep Disco (aka T.M.S.) & I went to see Deerhoof. 'twas good.

* I did not make it to the Siren festival or the Bruce Lee movie or the Santogold show or the Liars show.

* I went to a kick-ass poetry reading at 440- hung out with Dan Magers, Julia Cohen, Mathias, Starkweather, Justin Marks, et al before & after the reading. 'twas good.

* Went on a temp job interview. I hate taking those excel/word test. I'm so anti it sucks!

* Picked up CSA + some flat noodles & tofu in Chinatown. Made dinner. Stir-fry with said flat wide noodles, eggplant, onions, lots of garlic, purple basil, black sesame seeds, & a little soy sauce (i'm out of brags and chili oil)

* Today is my friend, Deepali's bday. Happy birthday, D. Tonight we will watch E.T. en mass then get drinks in minor?

* The song I'm listening to says, please stop dancing in my soul, i can't make it rock & roll... please stop dancing in my eyes I can't make them pretty lies

* Driver, drive on there's no one home

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