Saturday, September 15, 2007

Just Churn That Shit Out

The Revell reading was well attended last night, despite the Burning Chair reading at Fall Cafe and the Earshot reading. I hate when my friends are hosting readings the same night as I do but alas, in New York everything gets messy. It'll happen again next month when Meghan's WoM series with Eva Shockley and Jason Napoli Brooks (what's up Jason!) will be reading the same night as I host John Keene and Chris Stackhouse. Funny, Meghan would love to see Stackhouse and I want to see Eva so I suppose we'll just compare notes over brunch post-readings.

Peter Moore was at the Revell reading and I was happy to hear of his upcoming publishings in Poetry East and Ocho (which I think will also feature artwork from my friend/publisher Joseph Lappie!!!!!) and I told Peter about my upcoming poems in Sawbuck. Then Jared suggested we start a journal whose turn-around time is one week. Just churn that shit out, ya know?

Ah to dream...

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