Friday, September 7, 2007

Cup and Pen Small Press Reading- Saturday Sept 8th!

Cup and Pen Small Press Reading Series
The Cup and Pen Small Small Press Fair, 2007

Saturday, September 8th 2007

Small press enthusiasts, littérateurs and zine-heads unite! Come to
listen actively, converse heartily and drink organic beverages (now
including wine and cheese) slowly with the Cup and Pen Small Small
Press Fair, 2007. Cup and Pen, a twice-monthly small press reading
series in the back room of Think Coffee, offers you a small press pu
pu platter from publishers who are both new and returning to the
series. Huzzah!

Readings from Belladonna Books, Litmus Press, Booklyn Artist Alliance,
Sona Books, Ballyhoo Stories, Hotel St. George Press, The Lowbrow
Reader and Heeb Magazine may not only give you a varied look at some
of the most exciting writing and work coming out of independent
presses today, it may just save your soul. Respectfully emceed by
Rebecca Alvarez.
2:10pm- 2:30pm Belladonna Books
2:40pm- 3:00pm Litmus Press
3:10pm- 3:30pm Booklyn Artists Alliance
3:40pm- 4:00pm Sona Books
4:10pm- 4:30pm Ballyhoo Stories
4:40pm- 5:00pm Hotel St. George Press
5:10pm- 5:30pm The Lowbrow Reader
5:40pm- 6:00pm Heeb Magazine

Think Coffee
248 Mercer St and 3rd Street, NY 10012
BDFV to Broadway Lafayette/6 to Bleeker/ NRW to Prince Street
(212) 228-6226
www.belladonnabooks.blogspot .com

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