Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Friends or Friends of Friends Wrote Awesome Poetry Books in 2012part 1

Christie Ann Reynolds, Revenge for Revenge (Coconut Books) Angela Veronica Wong, how to survive a hotel fire(Coconut Books) Hannah Andrews, Slope Moves (Coconut Books) Ben Mirov, Hider Roser (Octopus Books) Jenny Zhang, Dear Jenny We're All Find (Octopus Books) Farrah Field, Wolf and Pilot (Four Way Books) Dan Magers, Partykinfe (Birds, LLC) Eric Amling, Legal Pure (Greying Ghost Press) Sampson Starkweather, Like Clouds Never Render (O'Clock Press) Mathias Svalina, The Explosions (Subito Press) Kim Gek Lin Short, China Cowboy (Tarpaulin Sky) Andrea Rexilus, half of what they carried flew away (Letter Machine Editions) Dottie Lasky, Thunderbird (Wave Books) Lily Ladewig, The Silhouettes (Sprig Gun Press) Joe Hall and Chad Hardy, The Container Store (Spring Gun Press)

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