Friday, March 9, 2012

Pre & Post AWP Swag

So I realized that I either bought or was gifted a bunch of books either shortly before or right after AWP, so my reading list just got a lot larger!

Sacred Text, Eric Baus
In Canaan, Shane McCrae
Mule, Shane McCrae
Past Present Suture, Stephen Caratzas
The H.D. Book, Robert Duncan (bday gift from Dan!)
Partyknife, Dan Magers (seen various iterations of this ms & can tell you that this book is the REAL DEAL!)
How to Survive a Hotel Fire, Angela Veronica Wong (read this book as a manuscript & was honored to blurb it)
The Malady of the Century, Jon Leon
The World Will Deny It For You, Janaka Stucky
At the Point, Joseph Massey
Siphon, Harbor, Brooklyn Copeland (I read this as a manuscript so i'm thrilled to see it as book)
Morocco, Kendra Grant Malone and Matthew Savoca
adj noun magazine volume 1 issue 2 (contributor copy)
Fjords, Vol.1, Zachery Schomburg
Butcher's Tree, Feng Sun Chen