Sunday, September 4, 2011

Manhattan & Brooklyn Get Up to Get Down

721 Franklin Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Curated by Niina Pollari, Steven Karl
Hosted by Niina Pollari

100,000 Poets for Change ( is a forum for GLOBAL readings for social change, happening on the same day (Sept. 24th). This format/forum is especially exciting because it simultaneously demonstrates the potential of both individual and international communities. Our Brooklyn edition of the reading will feature:

Tricia Taaca
Mark Bibbins
Brenda Ijima
Amy King
Ana Bozicevic
Hanna Andrews
David James Miller

Come to LaunchPad for the reading, hang out with us in the garden afterward, and support poetry as a forum for social change. And remember to check the website for all the global updates -- and see the updated information for our edition at

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