Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Bens Are At It Again

Ben Fama aka Supermachine has just released Ben Mirov's new chapbook, Vortexts. If you're in BK/NYC you can pick up a copy at the release party on Saturday or at Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop which is where I bought my copy. You can also order it directly from Supermachine.

Here's a poem from it

For the Faint of Heart

When you return from the asylum
be sure to gaze at the trees
covered in snow. When the train

enters the forest, ask the waiter
for tea with milk. In the dark
take seriously the lesson

of fluttering hands. If it is offered
take the class they call Ornithography,
for it will surely teach you something

about love. On the subject of love
I have only a single observation--
if you love a grapefruit you cut it open

and eat its flesh. Take my advice.
Take it home to the ghost you love.
Slip into bed. Snuff out the lights.

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