Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hot & Heavy Hitters All Round Everyone Say Batta Batta Batta Swing For The Bleechers

So I went to the Wooden Shjips show on Monday. They were amazing & the place was far from packed. What was equally amazing is that all drinks including top-shelf liquor was only $3. Somehow the place still was not packed & the best part of the night was when dude who could have order himself a nice Scotch or Whiskey orders PBR! Never did I think I'd repeat anything my parents taught me, but I have to admit that maybe they are right, "The world is upon its last days."

A new ish of Sink Review is up & it's pretty damn good! Sink Review featuring poems by Ariana Reines, Brian Teare, Jessica Baran,Dan Hoy, Lauren Ireland, Elisa Gabbert, Matt Hart, Jennifer H. Fortin, Nate Pritts, Peter Bogart-Johnson, Angela Veronica Wong, Dottie Lasky, Stephanie Burns, and Matthew Henrik...sen! Art by Andy Mister. Reviews of Don Mee Choi, Kim Gek Lin Short, Christopher Salerno & Gina Myers.

The Salerno review is mine- here's the review & here's the issue.

There's some good stuff in the new Jellyroll too.

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