Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy Is As Busy Does

Hello all four or five you that still keep up with this blog. My apologies for infrequent posts. Part of that has to do with summer & the necessity to "lax" on all things that aren't relaxing & part of it has to do with being a bit busy. I had two friends come into town last weekend + the Popsickle festival (there are great pics up on Facebook).

I've also become the News Editor for Coldfront & here's a link to a review of Popsickle written by myself & Ken L. Walker.

Shortly after Popsickle I had a reading for Eleven Eleven & then covered the LIT 18 release party/reading. Here's a link in which John Deming, myself, & DJ Dolack conspire to bring you the dope.

I've also been assisting the editors of Sink Review & I can tell you the next issue is going to be damn good!

Finally, the new ish of InDigest is out & it features poetry from Ronaldo Wilson , Steven Karl (me), Becca Klaver, Martin Rock, Emma Bean, Bianca Stone, and more. New narratives from Abby Frucht, Kyle Francis, and Sam Osterhout. Essays from Careful's Eric Lindley and Rogue Valley's Chris Koza. Plus audio stories, InDialogues, online broadsides, poetry paintings, galleries, and more.

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