Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Stopped By Ben Mirov's Apartment & Left With A Bag of Awesome

Ben Mirov's debut collection of poetry, Ghost Machine, by CAKETRAIN is out now. I have a review copy of it & I'm sure I'm write more in depth once I read it. Why don't you buy a copy & we can compare notes or do a collaborative review? Buy it here.

Ben was also getting rid of some journals so I walked away with CapGun2, bees wax magazine- which is beautiful, CakeTrain issue 4, & CakeTrain issue 5.

Speaking of journals the new issue of MUTHAFUCKA TWO is out & it features:
Sam King
John Niekrasz
Angel Escobar
Kristin Dykstra
Mohammed Khair-Eddine
Pierre Joris
Alice Notley
Dot Devota
Phil Cordelli
Norma Cole
Quinn Latimer
Matthew Klane
Hoa Nguyen
Lucas Farrell
Kazuko Shiraishi
Tomoyuki Endo
Forrest Gander
Sarah Lariviere
Michel Deguy
Wilson Baldridge
Anthony Hawley
Lisa Lightsey
Lewis Warsh
Ron Horning
Caitie Moore
Thom Donovan
Trey Sager
Brenda Iijima
Youna Kwak
Amelia Rosselli
Vanja Skoric Dewan
Deborah Woodard
Karena Youtz
Etel Adnan

Swing by Press Press Press for ordering info.

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bigthinker said...

My copy of Ghost Machine came in the mail just the other day. I am pretty excited to read it. I is to Vorticism was pretty great. On my initial glance, Ghost felt a bit like Schomberg's most recent. Though I did only just glance.