Thursday, February 11, 2010

Friday Night Slugfest Redux Or Meet Ben, Christie Ann, & Mark

Winged Boot

I live in an X-ray
created years ago
by a boy named Ben Mirov.
If I peer through the tinfoil
and starlight that separates us
I can see him fletching
a piece of the gloaming
hopelessly failing calculus
plenty of broken tennis rackets
bridges of honey and Q-tips
gossamer diet of heartbreak and lamplight
dichotomy of flinch and thrush
tripping over his parachute
to deliver to himself
a map of 1998.

This is just one of the many brilliant poems in Mirov's chapbook. You can & should buy the chapbook here

Then think about seeing Ben read tomorrow night at Earshot:


Friday, February 12th @ 7:30 PM
@ Rose Live Music
Special Guest Host: Caitlin Cowan
$5 + one free drink


Ben Mirov (I Is to Vorticism)
Victoria Cho
Kimberly Faith Waid (New York University)
Eva Saavedra (Columbia University)
Christian Carmona (Sarah Lawrence College)

Rose Live Music is located at 345 Grand Street in Brooklyn, between Havemeyer and Marcy. Visit their website for directions:

The wonderful and always magnetic Mark Bibbins is reading tomorrow with a bunch of good writers. Don't believe me?

I arrived early and wanting an instantaneous self

A little plastic man you sprinkle water on
and boom. Grows.

Wanting the same of horizon, season, lover

I clicked my heels to sparks,
became an anonymous alphabet maker.

Rain came in isosceles triangles and saturated
my profuse hatred for numbers.

I wanted a numberless fiend
to find me attractive and plant little letter babies in my brain.

We would eat fireflies and illuminate the many virtues
of tango and wedding cake.

We would import crepuscular and octagon into everyday

Diaries would bloom edible spores of mold.
Grass would grey with thoughts of shoes.

Our letter children would proudly become hostile
soup-shapes and enter people willingly.

This poem is from the chapbook, idiot heart, by Christie Ann Reynolds who is reading with Bibbins tomorrow. Here's the full details:

Metro-Rhythm's second reading will feature:

Meghan O'Rourke
Mark Bibbins
Caitlin Dube
Christie Ann Reynolds
Eric Burg

and also
a ton of wine and PBR.

Ps. it is also my b day, so there will be an after party in my apartment like last time!

Please bring friends, and boy friends and girl friends, moms and dads and siblings are fine too.

The venue is right off the L train, a few blocks from the lorimer stop. Come down to brooklyn and nestle in our cozy wine shop for some poems, then expect a lot of dancing in my kitchen.

Hope to see you there

Keegan and John


The Blog:

Starts at 8, although rumor is you can see Mirov & then leave & still catch Bibbins & Christie Ann.


Christie Ann said...

very sweet steven, thanks!

Benjamin said...

you're a prince among men Steven