Saturday, June 14, 2008


No shower

Submissions to be sent

Skewers soaking in sink

Juviley singing of falling leaves

Hit the street quick-steppin'

Straight to coffee

Anthony & his mother the color of bitten peach

Anthony's mother with horse hoof gravel voice

Anthony's mother who only curses clearly

Anthony what have you done to your mother

It's not all your fault look at her swollen rotten fruit

Bitter spit and cigarettes

Certain the ship is searching at every stop light black hair girl makes Mr. Spock signal

Old ladies in sun 'brellas

School clothes' kids scream from windows

Girls hand in hand all giggles

Tourist spit clean camera lenses

Little Italy pest stationed in front of lame eateries

Children in hats

Girls in skirts

Guys with collective collars popped

Chinatown and its perpetual smell of food

Summer Squash to be cut

Submissions being ignored

How long before we sweat

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