Friday, May 9, 2008

Mei-mei recap plus assorted other stuff

Last night I went to the Mei-mei reading (which I forgot to post on my blog) with Mónica de la Torre and Rusty Morrison. There were lots of nice faces in attendance like Nicole Steinberg (who also has a poem in the same upcoming ish of Eleven Eleven as yours (un)truly,) Evie Shockley (whose book, Half-red sea doesn't seem to be in many book stores which is a shame because it's a complete must-read) Kate Greenstreet & her husband- both always a pleasure to converse with, and my roommate, Tara aka Deep Disco (if I can continue to perpetuate a slang name like its a M.I.A. thang).

The crowd was a bit smaller i.e. no Richard Tuttle or Kiki Smith so it gave both Tara and I a lot of face time to chat with Mei-mei, which was a pleasure. Especially hearing about how Mei-mei's daughter is one out of a hundred trying to get an intern job at a graffiti studio.

Mei-mei read some new poems which were inspired by her husband's shoot with W magazine. The mix of fashion & science was of complete interest to Tara as she's a fashion designer who tutors in science and math. When Tara asked Mei-mei what her science background was, Mei-mei said she had none except an interest in making the language less masculine.

It was a perfectly beautiful evening out so after grabbing food Tara & I walked from Williamsburg (where the reading took place) back to Chinatown.


This morning is a wet raining one that makes me want to sit in bed and drink endless amounts of French Press Coffee.

It's also exceptional weather to try & make some significant progress in reading this book.

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